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about us

We work with a network of Romanian factories which can produce mechanical parts of various complexities depending on the customer’s demand.

  • Outsourcing of purchases


    INOTECH CONSULTING specialises in the outsourcing of purchases. By working with us, you reduce your total cost of purchases and your purchasing team can stay focused on your core business while contributing to the satisfaction of your internal customers. INOTECH CONSULTING guarantees savings on your purchases. We negotiate with our suppliers 100% of your orders, even the smallest or the least recurrent.

  • Indirect savings


    By reducing the number of your suppliers, INOTECH CONSULTING helps you make important savings during the purchasing and supply processes: quotation request, supplier creation, ordering, document management, import, delivery management, control, invoicing, payment, informing your internal clients.

  • A personalised accompaniment


    Your requests are specifically dealt with during the audit. In parallel with the audit we continuously search for solutions for improvement. We are available at any time to facilitate the exchanges between you and the suppliers.

Our commitment

After your orders have been sent, INOTECH CONSULTING negotiates with the suppliers to meet all the terms of the contract: quality and timing. Our teams visit the suppliers during the process according to the contract. Thus, you get inspection reports during the production of the mechanical parts and before shipment.

Communication intermediary

We are permanently intermediating the communication between our customers and suppliers by frequent exchanges, in the local language. In the case of a nonconformity we communicate with the supplier to offer you concrete and adapted solutions.


The preparation of the audit is essential to understanding your project and expectations. By following a client reference system or the INOTECH CONSULTING methodologies, the auditor goes to the supplier’s site and explores several professional dimensions: legal structures, organisation, finances, HR, production, quality, logistics, clients.

A personalised accompaniment

The needs of each customer are specifically dealt with during the audit. In parallel with the audit, we carry out intensive research to find improvement solutions. We are available to facilitate exchanges between you and your suppliers throughout the process.

Pre-select your supplier and requests without you moving an inch.

INOTECH CONSULTING offers you the benefits of working with a highly skilled team while establishing a strong partnership.